Cliquid™ Software by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Cliquid™ Software

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Cliquid™ Software's pre-configured methods, flexible data analysis and reporting tools, and simplified user interface make it easier for you to perform routine testing according to regulatory requirements, including food and beverage analysis and drug screening and quantitation.

Designed to make it easier for expert users to deploy methods to technicians performing routine analysis, Cliquid Software’s easy-to-use, point-and-click operation, pre-configured methods, and four-step workflow make stepping up to LC/MS/MS technology almost effortless.
Login functionality links the identity of operators to the tasks they are allowed to perform.

  • Simple four-step workflow makes set-up and run analysis easy. Pre-configured methods and report templates save you time.
  • Simplified interface makes data review and analysis fast and easy.
  • Flexible reporting enables you to generate standard or tailor-made reports that help meet your specific regulatory requirements.
  • Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) catalogue for specific compounds provides the flexibility to customize existing methods or create new ones.
  • Supports English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese languages.