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Average Rating: 1.7
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Rating: 1.7

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"This product was purchased to merge data across genetic, sample, questionnaire, and personal data sets in an academic setting. There were numerous difficulties with using this system: not possible to remove data once it was added, difficulty changing data once it was added, difficulty alerting what is stored or how it is stored, difficulty importing data, etc. Add to that, difficulty for people using the system, and there really was no point in purchasing it. Way way way too expensive for what it is: a database style application that has been made overly complicated without any of the ease of using a database system. Honestly, a no cost MySQL setup with BIRT reports is far more effective."

Review date: 26 Jun 2015 | ClinicalSense
IDBS ClinicalSense™ is a clinical research software application for cohort identification, designed especially for clinical researchers. With ClinicalSense, clinicians and researchers can perform analysis of patient data on the fly with immediate results. ClinicalSense users can browse whole patient populations in minutes, not months, drilling down to individual patient histories. The solution also interactively defines new patient subsets based on hundreds of possible attributes, and understands the timing of diagnosis and sequence of treatment, aligning events across multiple patients.