Clear Bottom Microtiter Microplates by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Clear Bottom Microtiter Microplates
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These clear bottom microplates are sterile and thus ready to cultivate bacteria and fungi. TC treatment makes them perfect for mammalian tissue culture with no need for chemical treatments. They are individually packaged with lid and their unique design helps to eliminate cross-talk. The microplates are perfect for microscopic viewing and also suitable for top and bottom reading instruments. Low background fluorescence and luminescence offers you increased signal to noise ratios.

Product detail:

Ideal for combining cell observation and detection

These plates offer a great choice in need of combining direct microscopic observation with fluorescence or luminescence detection, without having to transfer the cells from the culture plate to a detection plate. The unique format with 96 individual clear wells in an opaque matrix helps to minimize cross talk, and the plate also offers low background and optimum light transmission. Applications include cell viability and proliferation, apoptosis, microbial growth, Reporter Gene assays. The Tissue Culture treated surface of these microplates together with sterility enables cell based studies by facilitating cell growth. Each plate comes with a lid and is individually packaged. The microplates are made of high quality polystyrene with unique rounded well design. Having standard microplate footprint, the clear bottom plates can be used with any standard microplate handling or measuring device, like Thermo Fluoroskan Ascent.

White Clear Bottom Microplates for luminometric applications or fluorometry when signal amplification is needed.

Black Clear Bottom Microplates for combining microscopic viewing with fluorescent detection.

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Clear Bottom Microtiter Microplates by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image