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CLC Combined Workbench Software
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CLC Combined Workbench includes all features and functions of CLC Free Workbench, CLC Protein Workbench, and CLC Gene Workbench.
The program sets new standards for bioinformatics software with its overall graphical display and usability driven, user-friendly interface. In addition, it features a number of unique and innovative bioinformatics tools for supporting advanced biochemistry and molecular biology lab research. CLC Combined Workbench is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. CLC Combined Workbench is fully compatible across these platforms and fully compatible with all other programs from CLC bio.

CLC bio Combined Workbench provides:

  • Graphically and methodologically advanced bioinformatical tools for primer design, contig assembly and cloning vector design.
  • A wide range of Protein and DNA sequence analyses, including state-of-the-art graphical
    viewing and editing options.
  • Detailed history log enabling tracking and documentation of all analyses and all modifying
    actions performed on a given set of data (e.g. on a protein sequence or on an alignment).
    Option of importing and working with external files such as PDF-files, word processing files, and spreadsheet files directly from the workbench.
  • All types of files related to a research project may thus be managed from one single application on your computer.
  • Full integration of data management, bioinformatics analyses, reporting, and documentation of results. This eliminates time spent on manual data transfers between different programs and databases.
  • A number of output functionalities, including printing and generation of graphics output in
    various file formats.
  • User-defined view settings for consistent layout of graphics.
  • Full integration with CLC Bioinformatics Cube. The Cube provides hardware accelerated database searches of high precision and high speed - up to 200 times faster than a laptop computer.
  • Option of developing your own bioinformatics solutions using CLC Developer Kit.