Class II, Type B2 (Total Exhaust) Biosafety Cabinets by Labconco Corp

Manufacturer Labconco Corp

Class II, Type B2 (Total Exhaust) Biosafety Cabinets by Labconco Corp product image
Class II, Type B2 (Total Exhaust) Biosafety Cabinets

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Purifier Logic Class II, Type B2 Biosafety Cabinets provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates such as agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. Other appropriate applications include work with antineoplastic drugs, genetic material, asbestos and additional substances that generate hazardous airborne particulates. All models are NSF-Listed.

These biological safety cabinets are designed to be hard ducted to the outside. During operation, room air is drawn into the top of the cabinet and through a supply HEPA filter. This filtered air flows downward through the work area. Room air is also drawn into the inlet grille located at the work access opening. All of the contaminated air passes through the exhaust HEPA filter. A dedicated exhaust system and remote blower discharge 100% of the filtered exhaust air from the laboratory. Since none of the air is recirculated, these biohazard cabinets may be used for work with agents treated with volatile toxic chemicals and radionuclides.