Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer® by Atlas Electrical Devices Co.,

Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer® by Atlas Electrical Devices Co., product image
Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer®
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Atlas Electrical Devices Co.,

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Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer® from Atlas Electrical Devices

The Ci5000 is approved by many OEMs in the automotive, paints & coatings and plastics industries as the exclusive platform to deliver accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting service life. The Ci5000 has been certified CE, UL, CSA, ISO and EN compliant.

Unmatched Repeatability and Reproducibility with the Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer

Design and engineering innovations in the airflow, irradiance and control systems have dramatically reduced variability in critical test parameters. As a result, the Ci5000 achieves new levels of temperature, humidity and light exposure uniformity.

Now available in a low voltage model (240V) and standard voltage model (480V) depending on incoming power configurations at the customer's location.

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