Chronos 3.1 by Axel Semrau GmbH & Co. KG

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Chronos 3.1

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Chronos controls PAL samplers in an efficient and intelligent way and enhances sample throughput considerably.

Most chromatographic or spectrometric investigation processes in the area of instrumental analysis are characterised by the use of autosamplers. The purpose of automation is to increase throughput without the need for additional personnel. Up to now, the samples have been worked through automatically in sequence. This means that with conventional machine control systems, waiting times frequently occur due to sample preparation during which the chromatographs are not used, offering considerable potential for throughput optimisation. And it is precisely this potential which is utilised by the new Chronos software. Chronos increases the active measuring time of the machines and therefore considerably raises the efficiency of the laboratory.

All encompassing functionality

  • import and export of sequences in ChemStation and Xcalibur or cvs-format
  • control of multiple PALs
  • support of Dual PAL systems
  • support for liner exchange in a ATAS Linex system
  • programmability of Valco valves over a serial interface
  • customizable sample list for easy user interface adjustments
  • management of multiple sample lists
  • management of priority samples
  • call up external programs for data interpretation from within the method
  • reading of gravimetric data from a Mettler balance
  • support for Gilson dilutors for sample dilutions
  • support for SPME fiber changer
  • support for ITEX functions
  • support of 2D bar code reader
  • ability to send SMS messages
  • control of peristaltic pumps for liquid handling