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ChromNav Software

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ChromNAV for Analytical SFC

The analytical SFC is fully controlled by ChromNAV to obtain maximum productivity. The simple to learn GUI gives access to a wide range of features which makes analytical SFC a powerful and rapid technique for both method development and routine separations. ChromNAV includes a number of advanced features for use with analytical SFC.

Highlights of ChromNAV:

  • Control method development with up to 12 column switching and up to 12 solvent selection 
  • Control one or two modifier pumps to perform simple or complex modifier compositions 
  • Control back pressure, flow rate and temperature during the run to maximize separation conditions 
  • Develop simple or complex methods with complete automation using the powerful and intuitive sequence manager 
  • Control and monitor PDA, UV-Visible, ELSD and chiral detectors in real time and with complete spectroscopy using Spectra Manager – optimize detection parameters such as wavelength and response 
  • Organize all data, methods and results in a secure project orientated database which can be easily backed up and restored 
  • Fully optimized for GxP compliance including complete system monitoring for warning of impending service requirements 
  • ChromNAV CFR for 21 CFR part 11 compliance laboratories 
  • Control the integrated 6 sample fraction collection system using the MCS-6 micro-cyclone fractionators

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ChromNav Software by JASCO (USA) product image