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Chromatrap® uses a solid phase porous polymer functionalised with protein A, allowing the chromatin capture to be more efficient than bead based methods.

• Levels of DNA pull down up to 25 times higher than with bead based procedures.
• Excellent DNA enrichment with signal to noise ratios typically 2 to 3 times better than competing procedures.
• High performance with small sample sizes; as few as 15,000 cells per assay.

The Chromatrap® approach is preferable to other methods because:

• the use of spin columns negates the use of microbeads
• BioVyonTM protein A discs have a proprietary internal structure, composed of pores that have inner surfaces specifically designed to maximise chromatin capture efficiency
• the disc base material is chemically inert, reducing incidences of non-specific binding
• all chemical reactions take place inside the disc, therefore there is no need for suspension or re-suspension by pipette
• there is no pre-blocking step required
• the protocol requires washing steps that are fast, efficient and less prone to error
• the ‘flow through’ characteristics of the column ensure excellent sample mixing and washing during the assay.