Chromatography data systems (KNAUER ChromGate and ClarityChrom)

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With the new FRC option for ChromGate®, users can benefit from chromatography data software based on EZChrom Elite with added functionality for fraction collection and other preparative HPLC tasks.

The FRC option enables control of a variety of fraction collectors for time-based or detector-controlled fraction collection and includes functions for solvent recycling and "peak shaving". Fractionation can be triggered by time (volume), signal level or slope and even spectral similarity. Logical operations of these criteria are also supported. Just one sample chromatogram is sufficient to optimize the fractionation of value products, without the need for any additional waste of sample or solvent. Other features include an auto-recover function for interrupted runs as well as a Direct Control Mode for interaction with running methods.

Knauer chromatography data systems include the following features as standard:

- FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant packages
- Many options available, e.g. DAD option, GPC/SEC option
- ChromGate©: one software for analytical to preparative HPLC as well as GC and even KNAUER CE and SMB
- Control of single systems to large networked multi-instrument laboratories
- Open EZChrom rapid control driver concept for support of more that 300 instruments
- ClarityChrom©: cost-effective solution for smaller labs

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Chromatography data systems (KNAUER ChromGate and ClarityChrom)

Manufacturer KNAUER - HPLC, SMB, Osmometry

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