Chromatogram Immersion Device by CAMAG

Manufacturer CAMAG

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Chromatogram Immersion Device
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Key features of the Chromatogram Immersion Device at a glance include

  • Uniform vertical speed, freely selectable between 30 mm/s and 50 mm/s.
  • Immersion time selectable between 1 and 8 seconds and indefinitely.
  • The device can be set to accommodate 10 cm and 20 cm plate height.
  • Battery operated, independent of power supply.


The TLC/HPTLC Sprayer consists of a charger and a pump unit with two kinds of spray heads. Spray head type A is for spray solutions of normal viscosity, e.g. lower alcohol solutions; spray head type B is for liquids of higher viscosity, e.g. sulfuric acid reagents.

Key features of the TLC/HPTLC Sprayer

  • Easy to use, with electro-pneumatic spray function
  • Formation of fine aerosol with particles of 0.3 to 10 µm
  • Homogenous distribution with low reagent consumption

Reagent Sprayer (all glass)

This all glass reagent sprayer is a low cost yet efficient alternative to the TLC/HPTLC Sprayer. It comes with a rubber pump but may also be operated from a compressed air or nitrogen supply.

TLC Spray Cabinet

The TLC Spray Cabinet ensures the complete removal of reagent mist while spraying TLC plates. There is no deflection of the spray jet before it reaches the chromatogram, an effect often occurring in a normal laboratory fume hood. The TLC Spray Cabinet is made of PVC. The blower, a radial fan driven by a motor outside of the fume duct, produces an airflow of 130 cubic feet per minute.

TLC Plate Heater

The TLC Plate Heater is designed for heating TLC plates to a given temperature, while ensuring homogenous heating across the plate.

The TLC Plate Heater III has a CERAN® heating surface which is resistant to all common reagents and is easily cleaned. The 20 x 20 cm heating surface has a grid to facilitate correct positioning of the TLC plate.

Programmed and actual temperature are digitally displayed. The temperature is selectable between 25 and 200 °C. The plate heater is protected from overheating.

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Chromatogram Immersion Device by CAMAG product image

Chromatogram Immersion Device

Manufacturer CAMAG

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