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ChromaLynx Application Manager
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The ChromaLynx™ Application Manager automates the processing of LC/MS or GC/MS and LC/MS/MS or GC/MS/MS data. While the high chromatographic separation efficiency and narrow peak widths typical of GC/MS often increase the challenge to identify co-eluting components, ChromaLynx facilitates the rapid detection, identification and semi-quantitative determination of all components.

Manually reviewing complex chromatograms to locate potentially significant components is a laborious, time-consuming and subsequently expensive task that is often only partially successful; some closely eluting components are often missed.

Meanwhile, the need to qualitatively and semi-quantitatively analyze complex mixtures is encountered in many industries. From the development and QC of flavor and fragrance compounds, to the study of plant metabolism to identify the effects of genetic modification, there are many common requirements that are addressed by ChromaLynx:
  • Detect and locate the maximum number of components in the sample
  • Identify of the maximum number of components in the sample
  • Estimate component concentrations
  • Compare of samples to controls to identify common and unique components