CHROMABOND® XTR – kieselguhr material for effective liquid-liquid-extractions

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Liquid-liquid-extractions with a separating funnel are often used to transfer analytes from the aqueous to the organic phase, or to clean-up complex matrices before analysis. Especially, if this has to be done regularly, the disadvantages of the classical liquid-liquid-extraction, such as low recovery rates, formation of emulsions, poor phase separation, and high solvent consumption, become evident.

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers CHROMABOND® XTR, a highly pure, coarse-grained kieselguhr material, which considerably improves liquid-liquid-extractions. Aqueous solutions are simply applied to the column. After the liquid is completely soaked up, analytes can be eluted with organic solvents, which are not miscible with water. Because the aqueous solution spreads over the surface of the kieselguhr as a thin film, the extraction with the organic solvent is very effective and leads to high recovery rates. For sample application and elution, there is no need to use a vacuum manifold, because this can be carried out under hydrostatic pressure.

CHROMABOND® XTR can be used in the pH range from 1 to 13 and has a large pore size, with a high pore volume. This again results CHROMABOND® XTR is a fast, reproducible and economical alternative to liquid-liquid extractions, with the following benefits:
• simultaneous preparation of many samples
• no problems with phase separation
• no formation of emulsions
• high recovery rates
• saving of time and solvents
• organic solutions need not to be dried after separation

CHROMABOND® XTR is available in cartridge sizes from 1 ml to 150 ml containing 250 mg to 37.5 g adsorbent.