CHROMABOND® SPE vacuum manifold by MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH & Co. KG

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CHROMABOND® SPE vacuum manifold

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MACHEREY-NAGEL supplies a vacuum manifolds for up to 12, 16 or 24 CHROMABOND® SPE columns or CHROMAFIX® cartridges, respectively. These manifolds permit consistent extraction and filtration results. Multiple sample processing with these manifolds simplifies procedures and saves time. The manifolds consist of rectangular glass cabinets with vacuum gauge and a polypropylene lid, which can hold the columns or cartridges.

The replaceable valves on the lid allow individual vacuum control for each solid phase extraction column, if required. The cabinet is fitted with a variable rack with exchangeable partitions, which accept a wide variety of vessels like test tubes, measuring flasks, scintillation vials, autosampler vials, plastic vials and many more. With the control valve the vacuum in the chamber can be adjusted and read from the gauge.

Eluents are deposited directly into the collection vessel of choice via stainless steel needles. Drying attachments for the 12 and 24 port manifolds will direct a flow of air or nitrogen into the collection vessels to dry eluates prior to further analysis. Drying attachments can also be connected, via adapters, to SPE columns or cartridges in order to dry the column or cartridge prior to final elution. Optional disposable solvent resistant polypropylene liners are available. These waste liners greatly simplify sample preparation, solvent disposal, and clean-up.