CHROMABOND® PTL / PTS – phase separation columns

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Phase separations are a common process in daily laboratory work.

One or more components should be transferred from a highly aqueous solution into a small amount of organic solvent. Normally this is performed with a separation funnel. The result is a change of solvent from the aqueous stage to the organic stage. Through this, the effectivity of evaporation is increased and a concentration step is initialized. The procedure with a separation funnel is easy and fast for only one sample. For a high number of samples, the speed limiting step is the exact determination of the phase boundary, especially if the solutions are colored or non-transparent (emulsions).

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers CHROMABOND® Phase Separation columns. Herewith a two phase mixture can be separated without personal interaction, the phase boundary is determined automatically. The special membrane stops the solution after the lower phase has passed, this means exactly at the phase boundary.

The CHROMABOND® phase separation columns are ready to use columns with a special membrane. They are available for solvents with a higher density as water under the name PTS and solvents with a specific gravity lower than water under the name of PTL. The dimensions are for PTS from 1-150 ml and for PTL from 1-70 ml volume.

The advantages of the CHROMABOND® phase separation columns are: saving of time in the case of multiple samples, a lot of samples can be preformed parallel, existing SPE equipment can be used. For SPE robots, the CHROMABOND® phase separation columns are the only choice to perform a phase separation full automatically.