CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 – microtiter plates for SPE

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SPE in microtiter format - SPE is a reliable method for sample preparation. It is often used for enrichment or clean-up of numerous samples prior to analysis. For large numbers of samples MACHEREY-NAGEL offers 96-well microtiter plates for SPE. The method development time is minimal. CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 can be supplied with any of the MN SPE adsorbents.

Methods that have been worked out for CHROMABOND® columns or CHROMAFIX® cartridges can be easily transferred to CHROMABOND® MULTI 96. Simultaneous preparation of 96 samples is economical because of the saving in time and solvent.

Advantages of this high-throughput system are:
• simultaneous preparation of 96 samples; this means a 4-fold increase over traditional 24-position SPE processors
• use of multi-channel pipettors facilitates liquid transfer steps
• readily adaptable to all common automated / robotic handling systems
• minimised dead volume (40 µl)

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CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 – microtiter plates for SPE

Manufacturer MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH & Co. KG

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