CHROMABOND® HR-Xpert spherical polymer-based SPE phases

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For sample preparation, cleaning and concentration of neutral, acidic and basic analytes from various matrices (e.g. urine, blood, tablets, creams, food, drinking and waste water) users have a high demand on a modern SPE phase.

A phase is required which offers the benefits of an excellent enrichment as well as a good reproducible, reliable and cost-efficient analysis for cleaner samples with lower limits of detection, especially for critical matrices.

The CHROMABOND® HR-Xpert from Macherey-Nagel offers the professional concept of innovative polymer-based RP- and mixed-mode ion exchange phases for SPE, which fulfill all demands:

  • HR-X: Hydrophobic PS/DVB copolymer for neutral compounds
  • HR-XC: Strong mixed-mode cation exchanger for basic compounds
  • HR-XA: Strong mixed-mode anion exchanger for acidic compounds
  • HR-XCW: Weak mixed-mode cation exchanger for strong bases
  • HR-XAW: Weak mixed-mode anion exchanger for strong acids

Excellent enrichment
RP- and mixed-mode sorbents with distinct ion exchange and reversed-phase properties guarantee an excellent enrichment of neutral, acidic and basic compounds.

Good reproducible, reliable and cost-efficient analysis
The modern, spherical support-polymer with optimised pore structure and high surface area facilitates good reproducible, reliable and cost-efficient analysis with a broad spectrum of applications. High loadability and outstanding elution properties save on solvent consumption.

Cleaner samples
The diver mixed-mode phases give the possibility for more aggressive washing procedures for matrix removal. This results in cleaner samples and a protection of HPLC and GC instruments.

Lower limits of detection
HR-Xpert phases offer the benefit of a quantification of analytes from heavily contaminated samples. Lower limits of detection for critical matrices are possible.

CHROMABOND® HR-Xpert is the perfect combination for all sample preparation tasks!

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CHROMABOND® HR-Xpert spherical polymer-based SPE phases

Manufacturer MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH & Co. KG

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