ChiraSpher® and ChiraSpher® NT

Manufacturer Merck

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Improved enantioselectivity especially for pharmaceuticals: ChiraSpher® and ChiraSpher® NT are versatile chiral HPLC columns of high chemical stability and broad enantioselectivity. ChiraSpher® and ChiraSpher® NT are based on silica gel particles, coated with the optically active polymer poly(N-acryloyl-S-phenylalanine ethyl ester). ChiraSpher® NT is an optimised version of ChiraSpher® and is characterised by improved enantioselectivity with very good selectivity for the separation of beta-blockers. Both columns may be used with eluents of normal phase chromatography as well as reversed phase chromatography. For preparative chromatography ChiraSpher® is available as 25 µm packing material for separation of substance quantities in the milligram to kilogram range.