Chirascan™-plus Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

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Chirascan-plus brings dramatic performance gains that improve productivity and sensitivity in all CD applications.

Its RMS noise levels smash the figures quoted for other instruments when using the same measurement parameters, such as a 2 second time base and 1 nm bandwidth. This characteristic is particulary noticeable in the far-UV. The 165-1150 nm wavelength range detector of the Chirascan™-plus permits a wide variety of analyses to be achieved..

  • Rapidly analyse proteins and other complex molecules
  • Delivers maximum information from the minimum of sample
  • Up to 70 times faster than other instruments for high data content applications
  • Simultaneously measures accurate CD, Abs and fluorescence data
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratio than any other unit on the market
  • Emulation software for training and Viewer software for remote data handling
  • Unlocks the door to exciting, new protein structural measurements

The Chirascan-plus is aimed squarely at those customers with the most demanding requirements, such as biopharmaceutical research and development scientists, whose samples and time are at a premium.

Chirascan-plus unlocks the door to a whole new approach to experimental design based on high data content, fast data acquisition and small sample volumes. Applied Photophysics has developed the new and powerful analytical technique of dynamic multi-mode spectroscopy (DMS) to take full advantage of the capabilities of Chirascan-plus to deliver high-quality structural and thermodynamic data from a small sample in a single experiment.

Economy of sample, simultaneous measurement of circular dichroism, absorption and fluorescence, rapidity of data collection and powerful analytical software combine to transform the type and number of CD experiments that can be carried out routinely and easily. Chirascan-plus is an invaluable addition to the armoury of biophysical techniques used to analyze the behaviour of novel proteins.

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Chirascan™-plus Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

Manufacturer Applied Photophysics Ltd

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