Chirascan™-plus ACD Auto CD Spectrometer

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Chirascan™-plus ACD is an ultra-sensitive, high-speed, automated CD spectrometer.

This unique instrument significantly extends the scope and range of CD applications and delivers a minimum 50-fold increase in operator productivity. Using multi-dimensional stress experiments, it is a powerful new tool in protein formulation screening and biocomparability studies.

Key features:

• Samples presented in 96-well plate format, up to four plates
• Robotic transfer of sample from plate to spectrometer
• Wash-dry protocols eliminate dilution and cross contamination
• Low sample usage (<40µg protein per far-UV denaturation)
• SMARTCell accessories optimise and simplify operation
• Conformation and aggregation monitored by CD and absorption
• Unattended operation brings 50-fold increase in productivity
• Off-line experimental set-up and data analysis

Key applications:

• Automated conformational stability screening (e.g. pH, T screen)
• Automated statistical comparisons of biotherapeutics
• Automated conformational stability screening of protein variants

Chirascan™–plus ACD combines the unique technologies of the Chirascan™-plus CD spectrometer with advanced robotics providing highly flexible, robust automation and simultaneous measurement of CD and absorbance. The advanced software suite provides full automation control, application development tools and fully integrated spectroscopic analysis tools.

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Chirascan™-plus ACD Auto CD Spectrometer

Manufacturer Applied Photophysics Ltd

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