CHI600D series by CH Instruments, Inc.

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CHI600D series
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The Model 600D series is designed for general purpose electrochemical measurements. The figure below shows the block diagram of the instrument. The system contains a fast digital function generator, high speed data acquisition circuitry, potentiostat, and a galvanostat (available only in select models). The potential control range is ±10 V and the current range is ±250 mA. The instrument is capable of measuring current down to tens of picoamperes.

The steady state current of a 10 mm disk electrode can be readily measured without external adapters. With the CHI200B Picoamp Booster and Faraday Cage (fully automatic and compatible with the CHI600D series), currents down to 1 pA can be measured. These instruments are very fast. The function generator can update at a 10 MHz rate, and the maximum sampling rate is 1 MHz at 16-bit resolution. The instrument provides very wide dynamic range on experimental time scales. For instance, the scan rate in cyclic voltammetry can be up to 1000 V/s with a 0.1 mV potential increment or 5000 V/s with a 1 mV potential increment.

The potentiostat/galvanostat uses a 4-electrode configuration, allowing it to be used for liquid/liquid interface measurements and eliminating the effect of contacting resistance of connectors and relays for high current measurements. Multiple data acquisition systems allow an external input signal (such as spectroscopy signals to be recorded simultaneously with electrochemical data). The instrument will also automatically re-zero both potential and current, so that periodic re-calibration of the instrument can be avoided.