ChemSwab rapid microbial surface monitoring by AES CHEMUNEX

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

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ChemSwab rapid microbial surface monitoring

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Ultra-rapid & ultra-sensitive Monitoring of Surfaces in Clean Rooms

• Only 3 hours from Sampling to Results!
• Quantitative Real-time Monitoring
• High Recovery and Release Capacity
• Viability Labeling enables the Enumeration of all viable Microorganisms
• Only one Single Protocol for Bacteria, Yeasts and Molds (including Spores)

The new flocked swab is a pre-shaped plastic applicator onto which a thin layer of nylon fibers is sprayed by a flocking process. The nylon-flocked swab is designed to improve sample absorption by strong capillary action and to release more than 80% of the sample. Traditionally wound fiber swabs (rayon or polyester) trap a large percentage of the sample in the fiber matrix, retaining the sample (1).

Once a surface sample is collected with ChemSwab®, the flocked swab is placed in a tube with a ChemScan RDI-grade solution (ChemSwab SRK Solution). The sample is filtered to collect all microorganisms. The sample is then treated with special reagents (Fluorassure®) that use fluorescence to label all viable cells. The sample is then analyzed on ChemScan RDI , a solid-phase cytometer which detects and counts all living microorganisms within one test (bacteria, yeast & molds including spores) down to a single cell. No growth is necessary, so results are available in 3 hours. This saves a lot of time compared to traditional methods that can take days.