ChemStudio Product Line – Highly Sensitive Chemiluminescence Systems

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The ChemStudio product line has been designed for a wide range of imaging applications. ChemStudio can be used to meet countless BioImaging needs, both in the fields of proteomics and genomics.

When operated with VisionWorksLS software, automated image acquisition and analysis can be realized. In addition to comprehensive image acquisition features, the software provides extensive and detailed image analysis tools, including 1D, area density and colony counting capabilities. Depending on system configuration, usages range from simple gel documentation to advanced, multispectral and multifunctional imaging. Significant applications include high-resolution detection of chemiluminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric samples.

In order to meet the requirements for recording different types of signals, a set of scientific-grade, cooled CCD-Cameras with resolutions of up to 8.1 MP is available. The cameras are combined with a variety of high-quality lenses, either with fixed focal length or zoom function. Moreover, the integrated Peltier cooling is essential for detection of low light chemiluminescence signals, e.g. for Northern, Western and Southern Blots. When compared directly to other detection methods, cooled CCD-Cameras are superior in terms of sensitivity, accuracy, dynamic range, speed and ease of handling.

ChemStudio Product Line Features:
  • Imager for chemiluminescence, fluorescence and colorimetry
  • Upgradeable for NIR/multiplexing imaging applications
  • Selection of highly sensitive, cooled CCD cameras with fixed-focal-length or zoom lenses (motorized or manual zoom)
  • Light-tight darkrooms with large front door and unique UV-safe gel viewer window
  • Available as either a PC-operated unit or as a stand-alone instrument with an integrated color touchscreen
  • Includes Ethidium Bromide emission filter in an easy-to-access filter wheel with to up to five positions
  • Integrated overhead (epi) white light for optimum illumination and focusing Chemi tray for sample placement on the black, non-reflective surface
  • Telescoping tray provides easy access to the UV transilluminators
  • Upgrade options with versatile accessories, such as multispectral light sources, overhead UV light sources, LED white light plates and much more
  • VisionWorksLS Software, with comprehensive features, optimizes image acquisition and analysis