UVP ChemStudio Series

Manufacturer Analytik Jena Life Science  |  Available Worldwide
Highly Sensitive Chemiluminescence Systems

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System highlights

  • Choice of cooled CCD cameras for high sensitivity gel and blot image captures
  • Light tight darkrooms with slide out trays for a transilluminator and with filter wheel for different emission filters
  • Wide selection of transilluminator models
  • Upgrade to multiplex and fluorescent Western Blot imaging available

UVP ChemStudio SA2
Versatile stand-alone system with 15.6" multi-touch screen and streamlined software interface

UVP ChemStudio
Economical system with high modularity for individual selection of components

UVP ChemStudio PLUS Automated
Powerful, automated system with motorized sample platform

Depending on the system configuration, UVP ChemStudio is suitable for a variety of applications — from simple gel documentation to advanced, multispectral and multifunctional imaging.

Excellent results are obtained with the system’s high-resolution cameras for detection of chemiluminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric samples. UVP ChemStudio can be used to meet countless Bio-Imaging needs, both in the fields of proteomics and genomics. The innovative software, VisionWorksLS, automates image acquisition and analysis, thus providing a substantial boost to workflow efficiency. In addition to comprehensive image acquisition features, the software provides extensive and detailed image analysis tools, including 1D, area density and colony counting capabilities.

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UVP ChemStudio Series

Manufacturer Analytik Jena Life Science  |  Available Worldwide

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