CHEMOTRODE BRIDGE 200 by Hamilton Company

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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The CHEMOTRODE BRIDGE electrode is the solution for critical applications. The SINGLE PORE™ concept is used in this electrode for fast and stable readings. This is achieved by incorporating a diaphragm made of platinum into a pressurized process electrode. This new diaphragm construction and the special Skylite electrolyte inhibit any diaphragm contamination. The integrated electrolyte bridge in the reference element ensures a long electrode lifetime, even in difficult applications, such as sulphide containing samples. CHEMOTRODE BRIDGE electrodes fit into MASTERFIT and similar armatures that can be pressurized

a-Length 200 mm
pH Range 0...14
Temp. Range -10...130°C
Pressure Range < or = 6 bar
Application difficult or critical process applications, e.g. sulfide containing samples