Chemistry Pumping Units PC 3010 VARIO by VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG

Chemistry Pumping Units PC 3010 VARIO by VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG product image
Chemistry Pumping Units PC 3010 VARIO

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VARIO® pumps and pumping units provide precise vacuum control by adaptation of the diaphragm pump's motor speed and allow fully automatic evaporations. They provide a very high pumping speed and an outstanding ultimate vacuum. Therefore, they are the ideal solution for evaporation of high boiling solvents even at low temperatures. The on-demand motor speed control results in a unsurpassed lifetime of service parts, such as diaphragms. The PC 3010 VARIO pumping unit that is based on the MV 10C VARIO-B offers a well proven choice for evaporation of large amounts of solvents. The waste vapor condenser at the outlet provides near-100-percent solvent recovery.

The high pumping speed of the MV 10C VARIO-B reduces the process times for evaporations of high boiling solvents. Typical applications are all evaporation processes. Evaporation processes can be run fully automatically and with shorter process times and extra sensitive at the same time. The VARIO® control ensures high process reliability through prevention of superheating or foaming. The pumping unit PC 3010 VARIO is ideal for tough operating conditions. The integrated inlet catchpot and exhaust vapor condenser add convenient vapor control to the excellent performance of the MV 10C VARIO-B pump.

Performance features:

  • automatic adaptation of the vacuum level throughout the process for high process reliability and unattended operation
  • short process times due high pumping speed and zero-fluctuation (hysteresis-free) vacuum control
  • easily operated CVC 3000 vacuum controller with clear text menus, with integrated venting valve
  • excellent ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast
  • PC 3010 VARIO: Excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery