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Chemical Storage Cabinet

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Wherever specimens are kept and despite being in sealed containers they can still provide a source of potentially hazardous fumes. The Labcaire range of Chemical Storage Cabinets have been specifically designed for the long and short-term storage of specimens. They will ensure complete COSHH compliance and provide full fume containment for as long as the specimens are kept.

The specimens are housed behind lockable smoked acrylic doors and are kept on a multi-positional shelving system. In addition to this, if required, a stainless steel tray can be provided for each shelf to ensure any breakages or spills can be fully contained within the confines of the cabinet.

The CSC's are available in two standard widths, 600mm and 1200mm. Any number or combination of which can be joined together to provide a continuous run of cabinetry. Non-standard sizes are available on request.

Full Containment & COSHH Compliance Fume containment is achieved with a constant airflow into the top of the cabinet which circulates around all shelves. This air is then pulled through a long-life chemically impregnated Carbon Filter and is then returned back into the room. This use of a Carbon Filter ensures that there is no costly installation and no need to connect to external ventilation, making the inclusion of a Labcaire Chemical Storage Cabinet the obvious addition to a new or existing Laboratory or Operating Theatre.

Easy access to the carbon filter makes maintaining the cabinets both an easy and time efficient procedure whilst being constructed from epoxy coated mild steel means the cabinets are sturdy and corrosion proof.

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