ChemGARD® Fume Hood by The Baker Company

Manufacturer The Baker Company

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ChemGARD® Fume Hood

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ChemGARD® from The Baker Company:

Both the ChemGARD and ChemGARD-RI (Radioisotope) fume hoods employ unique airflow characteristics within a streamlined, unobstructed work area to provide uniform, energy-saving operation, minimizing backdrafts, turbulence and eddy currents.

ChemGARD reduces chemical exposure to personnel by: 

• Substantially reducing roll effect (fluctuations in the airflow that may cause harm to the worker) 
• Offering a streamlined, unobstructed work area 
• Minimizing lingering concentrations above and behind the viewscreen 
• Reducing contaminant concentrations near the edge of the sash (window), and therefore reducing potential exposure hazard to personnel