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ChemBook (E-WorkBook for chemistry)
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Providing a complete research management environment that allows chemists to manage the entire lifecycle of their research, ChemBook (E-WorkBook for chemistry) extends the functions of the core E-WorkBook solution with specific tools that support and simplify the day-to-day research of medicinal and synthetic chemists.

Chemists can combine any contextual data along with the details of the reaction undertaken, Microsoft® Office documents and links to data sources to ensure that all knowledge is captured in one place.

Key features:

• Reaction drawing and stoichiometry calculations
• User or globally definable structure rendering options (bond lengths, stereochemistry, aromatic representations, atom colors and default font size)
• Structure refinement in situ
• Single and bulk compound registration
• Parallel synthesis library enumeration
• Industry-standard chemistry searching (SSS, exact, similarity, reaction transformation, product/reactant, etc)