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CHEF technology yields straight lanes over a wide range of DNA molecule sizes. The CHEF-DR® II System has been streamlined by condensing the functions of Pulsewave 760 technology and the power supply into the CHEF-DR II control module.

The CHEF-DR II system effectively resolves DNA fragments in the range of 5 kb to 6 Mb. This system lets you enhance resolution by entering two blocks of running conditions to be executed successively. The CHEF-DR II system exclusively employs the most common angle of electrophoresis for PFGE, 120°. This system is simple to program, and has proven to be a solid performer. Each CHEF-DR II system is supplied with an electrophoresis cell, drive module, control module, variable-speed pump, and accessory kit. The CHEF-DR II chiller systems also come with a cooling module.

Not Just for Mapping
• Strain typing-molecular epidemiology
• Apoptosis assays
• DNA damage and repair studies
• Large protein separations

Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis is Still the Benchmark for Mapping Applications
• Disease locus mapping
• YAC, BAC, PAC, and cosmid mapping
• Chromosome rearrangements
• RFLP and DNA fingerprinting

The CHEF-DR II system, the most cost-effective PFGE instrument, requires direct user input of optimal run time, voltage gradient, and switch intervals for each run.

Users can program run conditions into the CHEF-DR II system. The product manual features extensive examples of run conditions that can be input based on a variety of size separation ranges.

Application Versatility
The CHEF-DR II system is optimized for the most popular range of separations with a fixed angle of 120°. This unit can be used for separations of fragments up to 6 Mb by adjusting the run conditions for low voltage and extended run times.