ChannelMAX 100A Twin Automated Patch Manipulators

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Run dual two-electrode voltage clamp experiments simultaneously:

With two additional micromanipulators, the system can perform dual two-electrode voltage clamp (TEVC) experiments simultaneously. Designed to be affordable to the scientific community, this system increases productivity significantly. Additional units can be run in parallel to further increase TEVC throughput.

Run up to four patch clamp simultaneously:

As each manipulator can do one patch clamp experiment, the ChannelMAX 100A Twin can run up to four patch clamp experiments at the same time. This system significantly increases productivity for patch clamping.

High quality single channel recording:

Since the computer controlled manipulators guide the patch pipettes to touch the cell membrane in a more precise and consistent manner than manually controlled manipulators, the success rate of making seals is over 90%.  The system possesses the same high quality, noise free, low drift and vibration free data acquisition as the PatchMAX 100A system.
Best value:

This system is more cost effective than a traditional electrophysiology setup. In order to reach the same functionality and productivity using a traditional setup, the equipment cost is more expensive. Contact AutoMate for a table comparing traditional versus ChannelMAX cost. Labor costs are reduced and data quality improves.