CH-1 series - Cerastir - ceramic hotplate stirrer.

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd
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This popular sized ceramic hotplate stirrer is designed for general laboratory requirements.

Using ceramic glass heating surface resistant to most chemicals, it can be precisely controlled with an energy regulator from ambient to 450°C. This heating surface has the ideal property of being easily wiped clean after use. It is also patterned to define the heating zone. The ceramic heating area has the benefit of rapid warm up times when compared with steel or aluminium mass heating surfaces.

Stirring can be precisely controlled from 0 to 2000rpm with added advantage of smooth start up or changes in speed ensuring that the follower gradually increases or decreases its mixing speed without any de-latching problems. The unit is supplied with PTFE stirring rod 15 x 6mm.

Featuring a low profile case, the product is designed to ensure any accidental spillages do not affect operation. The casing is manufactured from a casting ensuring a long and robust life.

Models available in the range

CH-1E Ceramic Hotplate Stirrer 210 x 210mm 230V