Certus Micro-Nano Liquid Dispenser by LEAP Technologies

Manufacturer LEAP Technologies

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Certus Micro-Nano Liquid Dispenser
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• Five separately controllable channels
• Precise and reliable
• Flexible and easy-to-use modern intuitive software
• Low dead volume
• Valve control air pressure separately controllable from 0-1 bar
• All 96-1536 corrugated sheet formats can be filled at high dispensing speed
• Good integrated options in laboratory automation (HTS) with SiLA
• Dispensing spectrum 10 nl up to typically 50 μl
• 100 nl precision better than 5% CV
• 500 nl precision better than 3% CV
• Accuracy 500 nl +/- 3%
• All standard well plate formats can be filled (96, 384, 1536, 3456)
• Well plate with evaporation barrier can be filled
• Dispensing cells and beads has been done
• Select multiple well regions: fill as gradient
• Flexible overall concept
• Fast filling
• Small transfer volume
• Contactless dispensing

Certus Dispenser

The dispenser can fill contactless volumes of 10 nl up to typically 50 μl in all well plate formats. Applications can be found mostly in the pharmaceutical research and biotechnology areas, where compound libraries are being screened (HTS). Small volumes of reagents, cells or even beads can be dispensed reliably. The flexibility that the Certus Liquid Dispenser offers will match other complex dispensing tasks in research and production support labs.


• Water
• Alcohols
• Buffers
• Cells
• Beads
• Reagents
• Serum

Great Integration Possibilities

The Certus Liquid Dispenser can be used stand-alone or integrated into a laboratory automation system in high-throughput drug screening (HTS). The Plug In interface provides flexible integration opportunities. Via this interface, operating data can be exported to a company’s own database.
The small size of the dispenser provides space-saving installation.
Dispenser Principle

With the applied dispensing principle the medium containers are pressurized by air or gas. This system pressure delivers after the micro valve opens the medium contactless into the requested well or vial.

Functional Possibilities

The 5 channel dispenser controls each micro valve SMLD independently and fills all formats of well plates. The precise xyz-axes are powered with servo motors. There is the same pressure on all medium containers, automatically and infinitely adjustable between 0 – 1 bar. The media containers are located next to the device. Two syringes can be used as medium containers and be mounted directly over the micro valves.
This is critical when extremely expensive media are used. There are filters at the valve inlet and intake tubing of the medium container. Upon request the filters can be removed.

Flexible Certus Liquid Dispenser Software

Developed ourselves at Gyger according to the specifications of our customers, the Certus Nano Liquid Dispenser software provides a high degree of flexibility and user-friendliness. With just a few intuitive clicks of the mouse, complex layouts can be created, which can be shown in different colors.

The Certus Liquid Dispenser software supports the end-user in an intuitive way. All software development is performed according to the newest Microsoft standards. Complex layouts can be created with ease. A micro-well plate can be programmed by different regions. In each region it is possible to select different mediums and filling algorithms. Each medium will be given a different color for an optical differentiation. It does not matter whether work is done with standard well plates or it is a self-created well plate. In addition well plate layouts can be imported through the Excel interface.

Good integration options in laboratory automation (HTS)

Industrial SiLA standard is supported for easily integration. The small size allows for space-saving installation.

Micro-Valve High Technology

The SMLD microvalves from Gyger form the core technology of the Certus Nano Liquid Dispenser. The electromagnetically operated opening rate is up to 4000x per second.

Sapphires and rubies are used as closing elements. Thanks to this, the microvalves have very low wear and can be sterilized. They can be mounted with just one hand manipulation.

Product Overview

Certus Micro-Nano Liquid Dispenser by LEAP Technologies product image

Certus Micro-Nano Liquid Dispenser

Manufacturer LEAP Technologies

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