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Certified Agarose

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Bio-Rad offers Certified Agarose products that are guaranteed to be free of inhibitors, DNases, and RNases.

Bio-Rad’s Certified Agarose products include
Certified molecular biology agarose - This is a linear polymer with a very high molecular weight, which results in a gel structure unlike those of traditional agaroses. This general-purpose agarose ensures that DNA recovered from a preparative gel can be manipulated without compromising quality.
Certified PCR agarose - Certified PCR agarose is recommended for separation of DNA fragments ≤1,000 bp. This high-strength agarose forms gels that are easy to handle and that remain flexible even at high gel percentages, which minimizes the risk of cracking or breaking.
Certified low range ultra agarose - This agarose provides superior resolution of small PCR fragments and primers at lower concentrations than standard agaroses. A 3% gel clearly resolves a 10 bp ladder, and a 4% gel approaches the resolution of an 8% polyacrylamide gel.
Certified megabase agarose - With a very high gel strength, high electrophoretic mobility, and high exclusion limit, Certified megabase agarose is the superior choice for CHEF and FIGE applications. The gels remain easy to handle at concentrations as low as 0.3% and allow shorter run times.
Certified low-melt agarose - This low-melting-temperature agarose has a high resolving capacity for DNA fragments ≥1,000 kb. It is recommended for preparative electrophoresis and for in-gel applications such as digestion, ligation, PCR, transformation, and sequencing.
Certified PCR low-melt agarose - This agarose has a high sieving capacity and yields excellent resolution of fragments ≤1,000 bp in a low-melt or preparative format. This agarose is ideal for digestion by agarose and for all in-gel applications.
Pulsed field Certified agarose - This agarose enables excellent separation and resolution of large DNA fragments in pulsed field gel applications. The optimal separation range is 1 kb–2 Mb.

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Certified Agarose by Bio-Rad product image

Certified Agarose

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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