CentroXS 3 LB 960 High Sensitivity Microplate Luminometer

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The Centro XS³ is the microplate luminometer with the best sensitivity available. The selected lowest-noise detector and the propietary hightly efficient design of the optical path guarantee detection limits so far unmet. Like in the Centro the optical design eliminates crosstalk to a level it cannot be detected any more.

Any opaque microplate in 96 well or in 384 well format can be measured using the specific optical setup.
Up to 3 independently controlled injectors with variable volume give entire freedom in the selection of assay type and assay sequence. The volume is adjustable from 10 to 100 µl – perfectly fitting the demands for reagent addition into 96 well plates. 3 modes each with variable speed of the integrated shaker to enhance mixing and optimise sample distribution before measurement in long term kinetics.
Preferred Applications

• Reporter gene assays (incl. DLR)
• ATP determination
• Cell viability
• CALUX® Assays
• Kinase activity
• Caspase activity

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CentroXS 3 LB 960 High Sensitivity Microplate Luminometer


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