Centrifuge 5804 R (Refrigerated)

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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As a refrigerated bench-top centrifuge, the Centrifuge 5804 R provides a high-volume capacity of up to 4 x 100 ml despite its small dimensions. Thanks to its Fast Cool function and stand-by refrigeration, sensitive samples are reliably cooled both before and after centrifuging, and (of course) even at maximum rotation.

The new PCR tube strip rotor completes our extensive range of swing-bucket and fixed-angle rotors, making the most varied applications possible. In addition, flexible, modular adapters allow separations using standard micro test tubes, large-volume centrifugation of Falcon® tubes and bottles and the use of microtiter or Deepwell plates. 

As for its non-refrigerated sister product (the Centrifuge 5804) and the related models 5810 and 5810 R, up to 34 user programs can be stored. The large back-lit LCD display makes operation easy. Other useful features include rotor recognition capabilities, which prevent excessive rotation by the calling up of rotor-specific data, and an imbalance shutoff.