CellVue® Burgundy Cell Labeling Kit Midi

Manufacturer eBioscience

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CellVue® dyes are lipophilic dyes that can be used to label the cell membrane for the purpose of identifying and tracking labeled cells. Cell labeling is rapid and stable and can be combined with fluorescently labeled antibodies and other markers of cellular function for flow cytometric analysis and fluorescent microscopy. Mini CellVue® Kits are supplied with one vial of dye stock (1 mM in ethanol) and one vial of labeling vehicle (Diluent C) Midi CellVue® Kits are supplied with two vials of dye stock (1 mM in ethanol) and six vials of Diluent C. CellVue® Burgundy is a far-red/near-infrared fluorescent cell labeling reagent. It is optimally excited at 683 nm and has a peak emission of 707 nm. CellVue® Burgundy can be excited by the red laser line (633 nm), however, it can be detected equally in filter sets designed for Alexa Fluor® 700 and APC-eFluor® 780 or similar fluorochromes. Therefore, it is not recommended to use antibodies conjugated to these fluorochromes when using CellVue® Burgundy. CellVue® Burgundy can be used in combination with APC.