DEACTIVATE: cellSens Dimension Experimental Systems by Olympus Life Science

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DEACTIVATE: cellSens Dimension Experimental Systems

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The most versatile member of the Olympus cellSens software family is the cellSens Dimension, which is designed to provide the control and processing requirements for integrated microscope-based experiment systems.

As a result, it builds on the cellSens Standard with a broad range of advanced features.

The functionality of the Olympus cellSens Dimension can be further expanded with a series of specialised cellSens Solution modules.

Ultimate customisation
The My Functions feature automates complex workflows via a simple customisable tool window. The user can define and store any workflow they would like to execute by queuing the relevant icons, ensuring that only the required functionalities are displayed.
Extended focal imaging
The Olympus cellSens Dimension offers a very efficient solution for samples with a large depth of field - Extended Focal Imaging (EFI) – where a single image is created from the in-focus pixels of a series of images taken through the sample. The EFI process can be automated via a motorised Z-drive, so that the user only needs to define the top and bottom focal planes along with the number of slices or the desired step size for the interim focal planes. The automated Z-drive is also perfect for Z-stack acquisition and the subsequent creation of three-dimensional (3D) images.

Multiple image alignment
Olympus has implemented extended XY imaging with its Multiple Image Alignment (MIA) tool, which combines multiple overlapping images into one seamless high resolution image. The cellSens Dimension is installed with ‘online’ features including greyscale deblurring and image browsing for surfing through captured images whilst acquiring new ones. Moreover, live images can be viewed remotely via a network, effectively turning the cellSens Dimension system into a webcam.

Advanced device control
An expanded list of non-Olympus cameras can be integrated with the cellSens Dimension software. Furthermore, a number of advanced burner or LED based fluorescence light sources can be controlled directly.

Advanced image analysis
Along with threshold based phase analysis and offline kinetic functions, cellSens Dimension adds a range of image processing and analysis functions, for example arithmetic and logical operations, edge detection, projections calculations, image smoothing. Intensity calibration can be carried out on each channel. What is more, with cellSens Dimension users can set markers on defined stage positions to include them into multi-position time-lapse experiments.

Report composer
The unique report composer uses Microsoft Word templates and a special applet to generate user defined reports that retrieve images and image information elements from the cellSens database. A consistent and reliable tool for documentation of mandatory and editable content connected to the objects under examination.