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The Cellject Uno Electroporator is simple and easy to use. It is ideal for producing maximum efficiencies in bacterial applications. The user simply selects one of two voltages and either one mm, two mm or four mm cuvettes and then presses a button.

Product detail:

The Cellject Uno Electroporator is a simple, easy to use electroporator for producing optimum efficiencies in bacterial and yeast applications.  The user simply selects one of two voltages and either one mm, two mm or four mm cuvettes. On pressing the pulse button the electroporator charges, then automatically releases the pulse.

The Cellject Uno Electroporator has many safety features including a safety interlocking lid that does not allow operation
until the lid is fully in the cuvette covering position. At each stage of this process both visual and sound indicators show exactly the charging or discharging status of the Cellject Uno.


  • Bacterial and yeast cells
  • Dual voltage output
  • Small, inexpensive, easy to use
  • 1,2 or 4mm cuvettes