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Cellject Duo
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The Cellject Elecroporator is suitable for all cell types including embryo, mammalian, plant, yeast and bacterial. Its has highly user-freindly programing and can be used remotely, for example in a laminar flow hood, and operated by remote control.

Product detail:

The Cellject Duo Electroporator efficiently transfects embryo, mammalian, plant, yeast and bacterial cells.  The design facilitates ease of operation without compromizing the unique specification.  The Cellject Duo Electroporator has a number of innovative features including a choice of menu levels to suit your familiarity with electroporation.


For all cell types, prokaryotic and eukaryotic
Highly user friendly programming by cell type or parameter values
Software upgrades using Smart Card
1, 2, 4 or 10mm cuvettes
The Cellject Duo has a highly compact footprint size
180 x 285mm which minimises the use of valuable bench space

For the scientist using the Cellject Duo Electroporator for the first time, or perhaps on an occasional basis, the user simply selects the assisted program.  This menu led program by-passes some of the more common parameter value input programming for voltage, capacitance and resistance values, etc, by proposing a specific and pre-optimized set of parameters for the cell line you have selected.

The pre-optimised values have been built up over many years from our own in-house database of optimised values for end user cell lines using Thermo Electron or other manufacturers electroporators.

Where the user has existing parameter values the standard program can be selected at start and the known values can be entered manually prior to electroporation. Alternatively the assisted program can be initially selected and then changed manually as further optimisation is required for the cell line.

Safety features include an interlock for the cuvette lid that stops the discharge whilst the lid is not in place.  There is also a pre and post monitoring system coupled to a fail safe facility in the software to prevent incorrect parameter value programming.

Cellject Duo Electroporator is designed to operate as a stand alone unit it can also be used with remote accessories for more individual applications, for example in laminar flow hoods where it is required that the cuvette holder to be installed within the hood for sterility reasons.

Accessories available include cuvette holders, remote keypad (with integral cuvette chamber) for external programming of the Duo, also for use in a laminar flow hood, and printer output to hard copy or RS232 input to computer facilities.