Celligen 310 Bioreactor by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf
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Celligen 310 Bioreactor

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The CelliGen 310 is an advanced new benchtop bioreactor based on the CelliGen Plus, with advanced new touchscreen controller for enhanced performance.

This powerful system can regulate up to 32 parameters each, in one to four vessels. Over 120 parameters total. So, you can now easily integrate and control your own analyzers, pumps, sensors and other ancillary devices directly from the CelliGen 310 bioreactor. A user-friendly touchscreen controller integrates it all, simplifying setup and operation.  


  • Compact design - smallest footprint of any benchtop bioreactor.
  • cGMP-compliant to meet your requirements in research through production.
  • Batch, fed-batch & continuous modes for growing high-density cultures of mammalian, insect & plant cells.
  • For secreted products, a patented packed-bed basket option is available to maximize cell productivity regardless of cell type.
  • Fully-integrated system is ready for out-of-the box startup. Includes a Master Control Station with built-in controller, touchscreen monitor, pumps and thermal mass flow controller with 4-gas control. Vessel, pH/DO/and level/foam probes, hoses & more are included.


  • NBS' packed-bed basket option produces high yields of secreted products from all types of animal cells - both anchorage-dependent and suspension cultures.
  • Eliminates need for microcarriers with anchorage-dependent cells.
  • Entrapped cells avoid shear from impellers, gas bubbles and pumps.
  • Cell entrapment allows higher mixing speeds, increasing mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Capable of continuous measurement of oxygen uptake rate for real-time cellmass determination.
  • Secreted products are automatically separated from cells in perfusion, eliminating filtration and membrane fouling.
  • Reduces lag phase by promoting rapid adherence of cells on fibrous disks.
  • Long production runs maintained to increase productivity.
  • Simplified scale-up from 2.5 liters to large-scale production systems.
  • FibraCel® disks provide high surface-to-volume ratio achieving large effective growth area.

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Celligen 310 Bioreactor by Eppendorf product image

Celligen 310 Bioreactor

Manufacturer Eppendorf

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews