Cellerity™ - Fully Automated Cell Culture by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

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Cellerity™ - Fully Automated Cell Culture

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Cellerity is a new fully automated high-throughput cell and protein production system for cell culture maintenance, cell-line expansion and harvesting.

Cellerity is based on Tecan's successful next-generation Freedom EVO robotic liquid handling platform, and offers a high-throughput solution for achieving a timely, reliable and consistent supply of cells for cell-based assays, helping to overcome a significant, industry-wide bottleneck. 

Some of the key features of Tecan Cellerity include:

• A high speed AutoLoader (TM) for presentation of new flasks and culture plates 
• A flexible 8-tip liquid handling arm (Advanced LiHa) for media delivery to and from any vessel
• A 9-position, 96 or 384 channel multi-pipetting option (TeMo)
• An integrated de-lidding station for rapid replating of harvested cells, refrigerated media storage and in-line media warming for dispensing up to 8 different reagents.
• Fully integrated cell counting module facilitating replating and seeding activities.
• Twin RoMa (robotic manipulator) arms facilitate the transport of plates and flasks throughout the workspace, providing direct access to all pipetting stations, cell counters, incubators, storage devices and other modules.

In addition to Tecan Cellerity's innovative hardware configuration, the system has new control software that combines a user-friendly GUI-based instrument interface for scheduling of complex tasks such as culturing multiple cell line. Cellerity may also be integrated with optional Tecan devices such as the new Safire2 and GENios Pro microplate readers, Tecan plate washers, or third party peripherals such as sonicators, centrifuges and thermal cyclers.

Cellerity is fully enclosed in a CleanBench-level laminar flow hood, and uses an airlock for interfacing to a high capacity (up to 1000 flasks/plates) CO2 storage and retrieval system. Contamination-free processing with complete control over environmental conditions helps Cellerity ensure optimal metabolic conditions for superior growth performance and consistency from passage to passage.