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The Cell Proliferation Reagent WST-1 is designed to be used for the nonradioactive, spectrophotometric quantification of cell proliferation and viability in cell populations using the 96-well-plate format. It can be used for:

  • Measurement of cell proliferation in response to growth factors, cytokines, mitogens, and nutrients
  • Analysis of cytotoxic and cytostatic compounds, such as anti-cancer drugs and other pharmaceutical compounds
  • Assessment of growth inhibitory antibodies and physiological mediators


  • Safe: No radioactive isotopes are used.
  • Accurate: The absorbance revealed strongly correlates to the cell number.
  • Sensitive: Low cell numbers are detected.
  • Fast: The use of a multiwell ELISA reader allows a larger number of samples to be processed.
  • Easy: No washing steps or additional reagents are required.
  • Convenient: Supplied as a ready-to-use solution.