Cell Proliferation Assay Kit by Agilent Technologies

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Cell Proliferation Assay Kit
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The Quantos cell proliferation assay kit is a system for accurately quantitating the number of cells in a culture. The cell proliferation assay produces accurate counts of either adherent or suspension cells for a wide range of cell concentrations and experimental conditions. The Quantos assay kit can also be used to measure the amount of double-stranded DNA in a sample of plasmid, lambda, or genomic DNA.
  •  Quick, reproducible and accurate measurement of cell number
  •  Accurate at higher densities without additional reagents
  •  Includes protocols for multiple formats from 96 wells to 6-well plates or cuvettes
  •  Greater accuracy resulting from a linear relationship between cell number and fluorescence units over the entire range of commonly encountered cell concentrations (from 500 to 250,000 cells/well)
  •  Protocols optimized for both adherent and suspension cells
  •  Accurate quantitation of DNA in plasmid, lambda, or genomic DNA samples
  •  Nonradioactive

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