CELL-DYN SlideMaker/Stainer by Abbott Diagnostics

Manufacturer Abbott Diagnostics

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CELL-DYN SlideMaker/Stainer
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The CELL-DYN SMS is a stand-alone instrument that automates blood film preparation and staining. The instrument is designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. The CELL-DYN SMS consistently produces high-quality blood films. Smearing parameters have been optimized, ensuring consistent blood films and reducing the need to make adjustments for samples with significantly high or low hematocrit values.

In the closed sampling mode, the 50-position autoloader mixes, identifies the sample, and aspirates only 200µL. Only 30µL of sample is required in the open sampling mode. Each slide is positively identified with multiple lines of user-definable demographics printed directly onto the slide. A "Stain Only" mode is available. By enhancing productivity, improving operator safety, and ensuring consistency, the CELL-DYN SMS is the perfect addition to today's busy hematology laboratory.

CELL-DYN SMS automates all aspects of blood film preparation, combining proven wedge-smear technology with the flexibility of 10 user-definable staining protocols.

•Up to 80 slides per hour*
•Open and Closed tube sampling
•5 individual staining stations with separate rinse station and drying oven
•Accepts standard 75 x 25 x 1-mm painted-end microscope slides
•Any quality staining reagents can be used
•Multiple slides per sample
•Sample rack compatibility with the CELL-DYN Sapphire™ and the CELL-DYN Ruby

*excluding staining