Cell-based ELISA by R&D Systems, Inc.

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Cell-based ELISA
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R&D Cell-Based ELISA - Dual fluorescence detection of two biomolecules simultaneously in the context of a whole cell

R&D Systems Cell-Based ELISAs permit the simultaneous detection of two proteins in the same microplate well without the need for lysate preparation. Cell-Based R and D ELISA Kits come in two formats: phospho-protein kits contain antibodies to measure both the phosphorylated and the total protein, while total protein kits contain antibodies to the protein of interest and a second housekeeping protein. Both R&D ELISA kit formats allow for the normalization of the target protein in different wells.

Features of the R&D ELISA kit include:

• No lysates preparation required 
• Results with as few as 10,000 cells per well 
• Simple normalization for well-to-well variation 
• Complete kits require minimal optimization 
• Specific, sensitive, and reproducible 
• Excellent alternative to Western blot 
• Microplate-based format 
• Simultaneous two color fluorescence detection

R and D ELISA Kit Contents:

ELISA Kit contents may vary. Please refer to product-specific inserts for a complete list of contents for individual assays. 

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