Cecil Super Aquarius CE 9200 Research Double Beam

Manufacturer Cecil Instruments Limited  |   Model: CE 9200  |  Available Worldwide
Wavelength range from 190 to 800 nm, fixed bandwidth, 1.8 nm and DataStream PC control option.

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The fully symmetrical double beam system of the Super Aquarius instruments provides for the highest accuracy of measurement coupled with a very high level of stability.

The Super Aquarius UV/Visible Double Beam Scanning Spectrophotometer operates throughout the wavelength range of 190-900nm. With a symmetrical double beam optical system using a single ultra sensitive end window photomultiplier as a detector , an optical bandwidth of just 1.8nm, stray light of less than 0.01% and wavelength selection to 0.1nm ultimate levels of performance are achieved. Scan software enables wavelength scans to be performed at speeds ranging form 1 to 4000nm/min and plotted directly to an external printer or transferred to PC.

All spectra are fully annotated for wavelength and absorbance value with fully documented reports produced automatically. Spectral reprocessing allows spectra to be replotted, overlaid and stored. Derivative spectra may be plotted and quantified for 1st to 6th derivatives. Standard software includes method storage, curve fit and storage of up to 30 curves, linear, quadratic or cubic forced through the origin, if required, with up to 30 standards for each. Absorbance ratios, difference, kinetics, band quantifications and validation for wavelength, absorbance value, stray light and bandwidth are provided.

The instrument may be connected directly to an external printer or to a PC. The unique screen display with scrolling to a maximum width of 550mm facilitates excellent clarity of plots and reports. Operational software may be enhanced at any time to add further operational functions including formula programming, wavelength scanning and kinetics.A wide range of accessories for sample handling and temperature control may be added. May be used with specular reflectance accessories.

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Cecil Super Aquarius CE 9200 Research Double Beam

Manufacturer Cecil Instruments Limited  |  Available Worldwide

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