Cecil GeneQuest CE 2301 Low Cost DNA/RNA Analyser

Manufacturer Cecil Instruments Limited  |   Model: CE 2301  |  Available Worldwide
Multi lingual GeneQuest, spectrophotometer for fast, reliable and easy DNA and RNA measurements.

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The CE 2301 GeneQuest Analyser is a spectrophotometer dedicated to the requirements of the Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Wavelength range 190-370nm and 595/600nm and an optical bandwidth of just 4nm. Fully programmed methods include those for RNA, ds DNA, ss DNA, oligonucleotide primer, proteins, bacterial growth and cell culture measurements and molecular calculations, including theoretical thermal melt. Measurements are possible for a wide range of sample volumes from 2000ul to just 1ul. Each instrument is supplied with an ultra microcell holder. A nano cell may be used too. A wide range of accessories including special holders, temperature controllers and sample handling systems are available.