CDS Model 7400 Autosampler

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Soil and Water Modes
• 72 position autosampler, with removable sample trays for 40 ml VOA Vials, 3 trays of 24
• Internal Standard addition (2 μl) (soil samples require water addition)
• Automated water addition in 5 ml aliquots (requires 5 ml sample loop)
• Soil heater to 80°C
• Magnetic stirrer (3 speed control)
• The chemically inert sample pathways are made of PEEK®, Stainless Steel, glass, or electroformed nickel
• Computer interface
• Ability to change analysis matrix from tray to tray (manual or automatic options)

• Pick and Place robotic arm
• 3 removable trays (72 sample)
• Water Station - for transfer of water to Purge and Trap
• Soil Mode - includes sample heating and stirring for dynamic headspace
• Internal standard reservoir
• Chemically inert sample pathway
• 5 ml water addition loop (behind the autosampler)
• Removable pneumatics/plumbing tray (behind the autosampler)

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