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cDrop User Software
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The Trinean Proprietary cDrop Software is a new analytical software package, designed as an add-on to the DropQuant software. It is breakthrough technology that exploits the full potential of UV-VIS spectral measurements allowing specific concentration determination of extracted nucleic acid samples, PCR amplicons or proteins in contaminated samples. It makes use of advanced mathematical algorithms (patent-pending) with an order of complexity that is comparable to those used in conventional chemometrics methodologies for HPLC, IR- or NIR analyses.

Tuned to the unique UV/Vis capabilities of DropSense96, cDrop verifies the presence of absorbing contaminants by assessing their particular spectral contribution within the measured UV/VIS spectrum by the DropSense96 reader. As a result, the measured spectrum is decomposed into the spectra of the sample components, allowing specific quantification of the biomolecule of interest as well as evaluate the quality of the sample.

The cDrop software is an ideal tool for quality control of extracted samples or evaluation of the extraction process itself before performing advanced, often expensive molecular tests.

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