CD-Chex CD34 Flow Cytometery Control

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A Whole Blood Control for enumerating CD34 positive cells by Flow Cytometry

  • Designed to represent samples containing CD34 positive cells having characteristics similar to progenitor cells
  • Control has low side scatter properties, CD34 expression and low expression of CD45 (compared to lymphocytes)
  • Assay values match CD34 numbers normally found in umbilical cord blood, 30-50 cells/µl
  • Tested non-reactive for HIV antibody and Hepatitis B surface antigen thus minimising potential hazard of handling infectious material
  • Can be used with both the ISHAGE and ProCOUNT gating strategies
  • 90-day closed vial, 30-day open-vial stability
  • Pack Quantity 1 x 1mL CE Marked

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CD-Chex CD34 Flow Cytometery Control

Manufacturer Alpha Laboratories Ltd

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